New approach to Easter Sunday: what to wear after church

Easter is approaching this Sunday and many women can be found at the mall looking for their Sunday morning dresses.

But what about in the afternoon? After church service, parties and pictures comes family time or lounge time. Why not look cute all day long and still be comfortable?

After church service, slip into something a little more comfortable but still bright and fun.

A printed or lacy white top is a great example of a blouse you could wear that is both trendy and comfortable. With a loose top you can even have an extra Easter cupcake and no one will ever know!

I have done research and have found these white tops at an affordable price. Just click on each of them and it will direct you to their website.


Windsor Store

Wallis Fashion


River Island


I also found these shorts, that would go perfect with a white top, at Forever 21!


You can find these shorts online here: