Fashion On A Budget

Who says being stylish has to cost a fortune? Not me. For every look you see in Marie Claire magazine, there is a knock off just like it but about $3,000 less expensive. So why spend the big bucks if you don’t have to?

You might think it takes so much more effort to look for a cheap version of a cute designer outfit that looks just as good, but that’s where I can help.

Young women who have a bad habit of spending too much money, like me, need someone to tell them where all the good deals and steals are. Shopaholics Synonymous is a place where you can learn how to give in to your inner fashionista without having your car repossessed.

And being a college student with an A+ in spending all of my parents money, I need the help just as much as anyone.

PS. Did you see JLO at the Grammy’s?

If you didn’t, click here!


If you liked the dramatic slit, you can get the look for less!

$24.80 Pleated Slit Tube Dress, Forever 21 – Click here to see it!